Client Appreciation Drawings

                                 Client Appreciation Drawings


Are held three times a year ,one in the summer ,one in the fall, and one in the winter.

It is my way for showing my appreciation and paying it forward to all my loyal clients that have been in my practice for many years.

I call it my summer,fall, and winter Challenge .One of my clients will win a series of three,four, or five massages .They have to come in for 3 massages in three days ,if they win the three day drawing (summer Challenge) , if they win the 4 day drawing then they have to come in for 4 massages in four days (fall Challenge), the same goes if they win the 5 massages in five days (winter Challenge) It is a challenge but what fun it is..and a wonderful way to gave back to my loyal clients that have been with my practice now for many years. It is alot fun.The winners love it..

My big goal is to have a drawing for a 30 day Challenge in the future.

We will work our way towards that .

In the mean time ,Good luck to who ever wins the future drawings.

I do the drawings three times a year . I love giving back and paying it forward when I can..

Many Blessings to all my loyal clients, 




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