Testimonials from the drawing winners!

Four day Fall Challenge Winner ! 11/2017 D .Simmons . Whitefield .NH

I was very fortunate to win the Fall challenge . Miraculously Kellie and I were able to sync our schedules perfectly so I could partake in the four consecutive massage treatments in November 2017.

I have been doing body work for over 25 years and have been with Kellie Thinnes for over 16 of those years. Her massages are incredible ! Kellie is the best massage therapist I have ever had.

My first day of the challenge was much like any other massage appointment ; it was very relaxing and relieved all my muscle aches and pains. Day two and each time thereafter ; I started my experience by Kellie doing a reading with me ,that has had a significant impact on how I stay true to myself. The massage  treatment proved to be extremely relaxing and helpful to increasing my flexibility. I was very in tune to what I was thinking about and how I felt. I realized that I am in a very happy place, that my fiance and I are moving towards making a life together and that I was deeply in love with him . I thought about my grown daughters and how blessed I am that I have a deep open and honest relationship with them .

Day three I was energized , my mind was clear and my intuition level was very acute . I felt as if my sight, smell and senses were on high alert in a very good way. I only wanted to focus on the positive ,and totally believed all was as it is meant to be.

On day four I recommitted myself to a deeper level of self care and to stay focused on what is my truth?

Kellie made a collage for me as a keepsake of my four day challenge week. It's memorializes all the readings Kellie did for me ,I keep my collage on my desk and read each message daily. Day by Day I 'm seeing more and more how relevant each and every reading is to my life. Thank you Kellie Thinnes for this four day experience of finding peace within  myself . D. Simmons



Seven day Winter Challenge Winner! 2/2017 E. Dyer. Littleton ,NH

I won the winter challenge last year in 2017. Little did I know the inner work that would take place, not only inside of my body but also my mind. Each massage allowed me to focus my attention in the present moment .I was able to center my thinking on myself , my direction in life, habits I wanted to change ,and really discover more of who I am ... and most importantly let me realize how I needed to make these changes within myself .Everyone's path is journeyed in their own unique way. It was an experience I will always treasure and look forward to having again. E. Dyer



Three day Summer Challenge Winner! 6/2017  Colleen Foley. Bethlehem N.H.

I have just become a believer in massage therapy in the last few years. Prior to this , I was reluctant to get a massage; I just didn't feel I could be comfortable . I knew many people around me felt like it was the best thing they did for themselves ,but I didn't believe it was for me.

Then,I was given a birthday gift of a session with Kellie Thinnes. It was transformational! I had never experienced such a feeling of wellbeing in my life.

With Kellie I could feel my body relaxing ,I began to notice how my energy was better after a massage and how at peace I felt.

I was then gifted with a 3 day massage opportunity. Kellie puts all her clients name in a hat and when she picks the winner, she offers them 3 massages over a course of 3 days .(The summer Challenge)

I was the winner! It was the most intense experience I have had in a very long time.With Kellie's innate talent to know what your body needs, the calmness of her energy and the beautiful room she does her work in, it was a truly lovely experience.

I am now more in tune with my body, I care for myself better and I was taught to recognize the wonderfulness of my body ,and I have Kellie to thank for that .

I am a believer! 

Colleen Foley


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