The Pineal Activator

                                                      The Pineal Activator

In most all my massage treatments I use The Pineal Activator.

Its a tuning fork that is designed to activate the pineal gland-which many mystics believe is the "seat of the soul".The specific frequency of the PINEAL ACTIVATOR is based upon discoveries by sonic alchemist and scientist, John Worrell Keely who lived in the late 1800's .It was said that Keely had uncovered the true power of the energy of sound through the use of sympathetic resonance,.The Pineal activator utilizes this frequency and can assist in helping create extraordinary awakening and evolutionary development for the users.

Encouraging research by Dr. Singh seems to indicate that by reactivating and harmonizing the pineal gland it may assist in reducing the risk of cancers and various types of ailments.

Research by scientists such as Robert Beck suggests that the pineal is an organic device that is tuned toward magnetic north to give both the humans and animals their sense of direction . Some scientists such as Dr. Rick Strassman believe the pineal gland releases neurochemicals that enhance altered states of consciousness . Activation of the pineal gland is said to create a deep connection with our higher selves - which goes by many names including that of the "Divine" and even "God".

Many spiritual teachers indicate that the pineal gland is associated with gaining the ability to directly interface our consciousness with that of the Divine. There are a multitude of different resonances that various sources claim that pineal works with -from extra -terrestrial activity , to psychic powers to our connection with the Divine.

It is obvious that on a physical , mental , and spiritual level , the pineal gland is most important . It is also a gland that seems to become inactive as we age. Thus activation of the pineal gland may prove to be extraordinary in terms of both health , longevity , harmony, and spirituality .

It has long been known by mystical traditions that certain sounds can cause the pineal gland to resonate. This is due to the phenomenon of "sympathetic resonance" which occurs when one object is struck and begins to vibrate ,i,e, resonate,and is brought near another object of the same resonance causing this object to vibrate.Thus , by vibrating the Pineal Activator and bringing it near the pineal gland, at the top of the head or fore head,it is possible to create resonance with the pineal gland.

Thus, through the use of the Pineal Activator ,These crystals within the pineal gland can be resonated and activated.Due to the sympathetic resonance .When the frequency of this tuning fork is set into motion it stimulates and activates the crystaline structures of the pineal gland.

Many people have experienced the energy from ,The Pineal Activator, activating this gland and opening it up to higher levels of consciousness- great psychic and spiritual abilities- and a deeper connection with the Divine.

I feel very blessed to be able to provide this experience with each of my massage treatments. It's truly a divine gift.


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