Purification Baths

                                               Purification Baths


Here at, "Purify From Within" , I offer Purification Baths that are done outdoors in comfortable weather with lots of privacy . They are very powerful in moving stagnant and dense energies from the body that allows you to feel purified ,peaceful,renewed,refreshed and in tuned with life.

Each bath is designed for each individual. With different herbs ,salts and oils .The combination of the power of water and healing properties of the plants,salts and oils provide deep cleansing and purification and renewal at an energetic level. Leaving one to feel as if they have had a spiritual healing that has brought the feelings of being rebalanced and harmonize the human aura or the energy fields so that we can return to vitality ,peace and well -being.

Purification Baths can also be used as a tremendous tool to clear and detoxify human emotions like: fright, grief and loss ,sadness and depression, evil eye ,envy, anger, which all of these emotions can create spiritual illnesses if not resolved. Purification Baths can help with the release of these emotions and help with their resolve. So one can feel connected to their bodies, minds and their souls in a renewed way. Feeling purified and free of all heavy dense energies . 




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