Private Retreats

                                                       Private Retreats


These retreats are designed for each individual and their needs.

They are private one on one treatments which includes massage, colonic, salt, glows..  purification baths,and detox baths ( baths are seasonal in the summer outside tubby.)

You can choose from any one of these packages:

1 day with 3 treatments 

2 days with 6 treatments

3 days with 9 treatments

I provide a restful environment for sleeping and healing. Your own private bathroom and plenty of space to relax ,heal ,and rejuvenate your soul. These retreat are designed so you can go inside and heal deeply without anyone around and to detach from all devises.  

To have time to reflect without distractions from the  outside, being able to let go of all the things that no longer serve you.. time to mediate ,get as many massages in one day or just do nothing JUST "BE"!

If you need more information go back to my home page or go to the services and rate page there is more about the private retreats .Hope to see you soon.

You can always call me to reserve a space anytime the spaces go quick,

Happy Retreating ,





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