"I've Been to Kellie for massage and the experience has been an absolute pleasure .The environment is tranquil ,and her warm and pleasant personality ads the perfect compliment to the experience.

I've enjoyed ninety-minutes of blissful body pampering as she is a Master at her craft. A massage by Kellie will leave you completely relaxed and wanting to return over and again I highly recommend.. 

Dave Wheeler.2/6/2018


Kellie has the ability to keep me healthy .I go to her once a month and if I have a cold coming on,Kellie is able to move the lymph in my system to a balanced point ,pushing the cold right out of my system as I travel all around the world . Kellie's massage is the best I have ever had and I have had hundreds of massage's in over 20 countries .No one can surpass Kellie's massage". Mary Molloy 3/4/2015


"Each time I have a colonic hydrotherapy session from Purify From Within ,I am truly amazed .I walk away feeling a sense of clarity deep within myself .I feel clean and light. In particular ,I enjoy a freedom from the weight and confusion of stored emotional memory and tension" Joann V 3/31/1996


" Its all so magical .You are the best practitioner I have ever worked with. Your insight and touch are so real and sincere ,you have opened my eyes to a new way of being , and a new way of feeling . I look forward to our future "work" together .Plus I love the coconut treats .(Ha ha) Always Colleen 7/10/2017


" I cannot tell you enough that you provide the BEST massages ever!!" Erin 2016


"Kellie Thinnes is my"spiritual therapist" .Checking -in with Kellie once a month keeps me physically,emotionally, and spiritually"attuned ". I had my first massage with Kellie about six months ago. I know that I will never again go without massage in my life. Through her touch and empathic healing.Kellie has opened channels within me that I did not know existed and which had been dormant for years .My physical body is healthier ; my body is realigning itself; even my posture and the way I carry myself have improved as a result ! My breathing is deeper and more relaxed .Thanks Kellie ,I am becoming my physically and spiritual healthy Self through massage.""Thank you ,Kellie ,for helping me in my search for my true self and for the rebirth of my Divine Spirit ". Pat A 5/31/01


"Kellie, When I was pregnant years ago and having back pain from work ,I was sent to you for help. I couldn't take medication and my chiropractor did all he could for me. He told me you could help . I believe everything happens for a reason. I hurt my back during pregnancy so that conventional medicine couldn't  help and God sent me to you .My daughter is so beautiful and loving and well adjusted because of all the massages I got while she was in me. She was massaged too. Massages are so beneficial .I highly recommend everyone try then.You are so knowledgeable and skilled in the art of massage. I leave each session feeling truly renewed and healthy .I don't know how I'd live without them now . God Bless you. R.L.Wessels 5/2/1992


"Dear Kellie , Words are not sufficient to express the awesome euphoria I feel with every visit.Your warmth, caring and love of the spirituality of us all comes through with every touch. Thank you for sharing your talent and insight with me. Thank you for the renewal I experience with every visit .You are and angel -a treasure- and your loved."God Bless You ,R


"Kellie, Just wanted to say thank you for all your have done for me and my husband .I think everyone should know that we drive all the way from Maine for your services ( 3 hrs away) because you are the best we have ever been to. Not only do you help us with colonics and massage you help us mental,physically,and spiritually .People just feel good being around you.You are a great person and friend . We look forward to our visits so much.The colonics have really helped us to have more energy and just feel better .Your massage was the best I have ever had. Thanks again Kellie for all you do .You really have touched a lot of peoples lives more than you know." Love Sandy and Everett  "anyone who has met Kellie has been Blessed!"


" Kellie Thinnes your hands freed me from the pain of ages past and the longing I had to heal. Your touch and your prayers were like songs in the night that danced on the surface of my soul with the peace I knew of love and surrender .I felt  the chance of balance , of wisdom and the forgiveness of damage done of the warmth and compassion of understanding ,I felt free and true and in harmony and all my worlds  were in balance with life.Your hands touching me, touching my soul were the touch of a friend .Someone who cared and I remain forever grateful ,and freed by that dance in time upon my souls body.For peace ,however temporal,has eluded me and moments of contentment without longing have been few and distant and longed for and I thank you  for helping to set me free."..PR Sullivan 2/23/94



" I have been receiving  massage regularly since 1975 and have been fortune  to have had the opportunity to sample the expertise of dozens of therapist from locations spanning the United States including Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.Without question, Kellie,you give one of the finest massages I have ever received. In my experience ,no one is able to create and maintain the type of "flow" you do,where the entire body feels as though it's worked on at once.Your massage is always consistent ,soothing and non intrusive .The gentle firmness and warm attention of your touch have always let me leave the table feeling complete "tuned" , relaxed and refreshed.You are without a doubt"ONE OF THE BEST" in your field! Sincerely, J.Doran 12/10/1996


"Dear Kellie ,Just sending a note of thanks for all you have done and meant to me over all these years( its been now over 25 years) you were the person who made everything click for me and got me on the spiritual path. You gave me my first massage and my first breath session,all of which had such a big impacts on my life that continues to influence me today .I am so grateful! I look forward to our next visit." Much ,much Love, Jeannie. 8/10/2017


"Kellie,I cherish the moment there with you so much I thought I would write. I feel as if I met an angel ! You are a wonderful person! You truly are a healer! Genuinely you attentively cared your openness and willingness to share and give of yourself prompted me to share and trust myself .I experienced heart felt connections as you related ,listened and understood.Your honesty,compassion,and giving is beautiful! You awakened my senses ,stirred my thoughts ,gave peace to my soul,and uplifted my spirit! Thank you for the experience and your beauty shared! God Bless You and your amazing hands!" B Wargo. 10/16/99


"Dear Kellie,I want to let you know that I think your massage has helped my sciatica quite a bit.The day of the massage ,the area was sore ,and the next day, it was much better.Also I noticed that the soreness had changed quite a bit it felt much more like a pulled muscle than a pinched nerve .Yesterday and today it gets to be painful with inactivity,but it recovers more rapidly,and there are many virtually pain free hours in the day. I have felt less need for Motrin,and I am genuinely encouraged as I write this that the improvement is real.I wanted to thank you tremendously for this,and I wanted to let you know your famous healing hands have not lost their touch ! Keep up on the great works that you do .You are the best!" love,Paul. 2/6/09


"Thank you Kellie, My first colonic ever and it was the beginning of a whole new way of life! I was able to cleanse my body,begin the process of using and becoming all of my areas of study and make them part of my life. Each colonic opens me to a more deeply lived life. And the massage.......I have had many --but none like Kellie's ! She is amazing and true to her heart and soul! I cant wait to see my life from now ..Thank you so much Kellie" . Jackie Smith 1996


"Dear Kellie, I wanted to write and thank you for making my first colonic experience a very pleasant one indeed. It wasn't just your skill as a technician ,but the gentle way you took me through the process. It was a pleasure to meet you and Halen .I look forward to"visiting " again" . In peace and Love, S.Ferrill 5/30/2001


"Dear Kellie, My sessions with you have been relaxing and enjoyable .I always feel ten years younger when I leave. Our chats have been fun too. I wish you happiness and great success in your healing talents and in your massage practice ". Fondly B. Forlano. 2/14/05





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